You Could Win $100,000 of Professional Services!

What is the $100,000 Business Makeover?

We are five firms doing business in Greater Cincinnati who offer our clients services ranging from accounting to website optimization. We’re teaming to offer one Greater Cincinnati for-profit business $100,000 worth of our time, expertise and experience to improve sales, marketing and operations to jump-start business and increase profitability and sustainability. It won’t be free, your business will need to invest some time and effort, but we’re confident that your return on investment will make applying for the $100,000 Business Makeover the best business decision you’ll make this year!

Each of the participating organizations has agreed to give of our time and expertise to either individually or collectively assist Greater Cincinnati businesses and organizations in reigniting their passion for business, assist in growth, uncover opportunities, provide a competitive advantage and help make the organization more successful. Healthy, successful, growing businesses hire more employees, which is good for our region, our city and our community — that is our goal and our reward.

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The program is available to ALL for-profit businesses and organizations throughout Greater Cincinnati.

The $100,000 Business Makeover is a contest subject to all laws, rules and regulations of the individual participating organizations and their governing bodies. No guarantees are implied nor implicit. The selected winning organization will be chosen by the $100,000 Business Makeover committee and the selection is at their sole discretion. Only applications from publicly or privately held for-profit companies with annual revenues of at least $5,000,000, in business at least 7 years with more than 25 employees and within 25 miles of Cincinnati will be considered. Winners will be notified by April 20, 2013. This is not a solicitation for services of or for any of the participating organizations. The services offered by the participating organizations are at their sole discretion to provide, and offered services may not necessarily be all inclusive of the services that could be provided to the winners.